Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cards for the Troops

Hi, our Girl Scout Troop is working on a project to send packets to a military hospital in Germany. We have asked for help from our service unit and have received none. :-( So let me fill you in on what we are doing.
We are making card packets. These packets would contain blank decorated cards so that the wounded soldiers could use them to write home with. We are going to put these all in a packet with a pen and maybe stamps. Depends on how much help we get. We have a contact with a hospital in Germany who is anxiously awaiting these.
If you would like to help this is what we would need. Decorate cards, they can be any theme no specifics. Pretty easy!! Please just make sure that each card you make has it's corresponding envelope with it. Once you have completed the amount of cards you would like to send email me at and I will get you the mailing address to send them to.
We will collect all the cards put the packets together and send them to Germany. We would like to have all the cards to us by July 31, 2007. This will give us time to get them out.
Thanks so much for your help! My troop appreciates it. As a leader you want them to succeed at their projects so I am doing my best to make sure they do. ~Michelle
PS For all of you that help us out and donate cards everyone's name will go into a drawing for a great scrappy surprise just to show our appreciation!


MichelleStrachan said...

Michelle, your blog looks great! This is my first time checking it out! Hey, I'd like to help. What sorts of cards do you need?

luvstoscrapbook said...

They can be anything
Thinking of you
Love you
Happy Birthday
Miss You
Happy Anniversary
Or just decorated.
Just make sure that you leave the inside and the envelopes blank :-)

Lori said...

hey there...i saw ur post at SOS came and checked out ur blog...i would be glad to help with this...i will try to work on some this week and send them out to u....i will contact you when i have them complete...Lori

Rachel said...

I've added this to my To-Do list Michelle!

Lisa said...

I'd love to help out with this too. Please PM me at The School of Scrap with your addy and I'll send you some! ;)

Anything to help those men/women in uniform defending my right to make these cards!

Gina said...

Great idea! I've done this before, and I'll work on more for you. I know that when/if my dh goes over on a deployment, we'd both appreciate if he had cards to send! ;)

BTW, I'm tagging you. If you want to play, see my blog. :)

AngelBear said...
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